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8-day DIY Bow-only Caribou hunting adventure on the SAG River system


($3,600 per person) 


Deadhorse OUtfitters LLC

Self-Guided Caribou Hunt _BOW ONLY

What we offer:

  • 8 day/ 7 night (DIY) Self-Guided Bow only Caribou Non-Resident hunts ($3,600 per person) (Non-hunter $2,300) **Transportation only**

  • InState Resident Price ($2,800 per person) (Non-hunter $1,800) **Transportation Only**

  • **20% off for Active Duty/Retired Military (anyone who has served), Fire Fighters (Active or retired), and Police Officers (Active or retired)** (must be able to show proof on the date of booking) (Does not apply to walk-on hunts)


  • Hunting Season is from 01 August – 15 September *All hunters will be off the ground by 15 September* 

  • We only transport Bow-Only hunters on Thursdays. Please see our Calendars for availability 

  • All clients flying into Prudhoe Bay must arrive the day before the hunt and depart the day after the last day of the hunt. 

Information about the hunt: 

  • Our Bow-only hunt is located North of the Boat launch on the SAG River. The SAG river runs parallel to the Dalton Highway. You will be dropped on the East side of the SAG River closer to Prudhoe Bay. What we have found is while the Caribou are migrating there are a few choke points that provide great opportunities for Bow hunters to see lots of animals up close.  These areas also provide a little better terrain for bow hunters. 

Our trips include:

  • Transportation of you and your gear via vehicle from Brooks Camp in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to the boat launch (Mile marker 366.5 Dalton Hyway)

  • Transportation of you and your gear into and out of the field via airboat

  • Transportation of your harvest (meat and rack) from pick up point (drop camp @ rivers edge) back to Prudhoe Bay **No charge for any fish or additional legally harvested animals 

  • Assistance at Alaska Air Cargo to ensure your meat and trophy get shipped appropriately.


Drop Camp Equipment: 

  • We do not provide any equipment to you "the hunter" You can bring your own drop camp gear or rent from a gear rental company.

  • DHO Rentals is the only rental company we have a contract with to transport gear from Fairbanks Alaska to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. See the DHO Rentals tab here on our site or email DHO Rentals at dhorentals@gmail.com if you are interested in seeing what they offer. 

  •  If bringing your own gear, or renting from another rental company please keep camp weight at 120lbs or less. Ensure your gear is consolidated as much as possible, preferably in tough totes. 

What you provide (not included in price):

  • Flight to Prudhoe Bay Alaska ($1,000 – $2,000 Depending on the airline, deals, etc…)

  • Out-of-state hunting license ($160), Caribou harvest tag and locking tag ($650), and out-of-state fishing license ($45) ** must be purchased before arrival to Prudhoe Bay. ** ensure your tags are for the season you are hunting. *Prices may change depending on new regulations posted on July 1st of every year*

  • Hunting License, Harvest tag, and Fishing license can be printed from your computer

  • Locking tags are mailed to you, they take approximately 2-3 weeks to be delivered. Tags can also be picked up at the Department of Fish and Game in Fairbanks Alaska

  • Drop Camp Equipment (You can bring your own equipment or rent the gear needed as stated above)

  • Clothes and rain gear (appropriate for the area) (do your research or contact us we can help you with what to bring) *Max of 70lbs for clothes and gear (1 dry bag and 1 empty frame pack) *

  • Weapons/fishing gear *not included in the gear weight*

  • You can bring one 130-quart cooler on the boat to camp (no more than one), additional coolers can be stored at the boat launch. (cooler with food and drinks not included in gear weight* *this is per group*

  • Food/drinks/alcohol

Accommodations not at camp:

  • You will need to coordinate a room with Brooks Camp for the day prior to and the day after your hunt. It is a newer camp that is well-kept and directly across from the general store. The price is good and the manager will work with us. You can find their information online at www.brookscampak.com. You cannot book online; you have to contact the manager to coordinate pickup and drop-off from the airport at 907-659-6233 

  • There is a General Store in Prudhoe Bay that carries odds and ends including clothing, but it is pricey. If you want beer or any type of alcohol while out at camp you will have to bring it in. There is no alcohol sold in Prudhoe Bay so if you don’t bring it with you won’t have any.

Shipping of meat and Mount:

  • We offer shipping materials in Prudhoe Bay. You will need to debone your Caribou either at the boat launch or in the field on the day of pick-up. If you plan to get your shipping materials from us the cost is $40 cash for everything you need. Please note we can not and will not assist in the processing or packaging of your harvest. 

  • We will assist you at Alaska Air Cargo in Prudhoe Bay with shipping. 

  • There are many taxidermists in Fairbanks and North Pole. We recommend you research and reach out to a couple of them before your trip if you plan on sending your mount to them. One of the questions you need to ask is if they will pick your mount up at Alaska Air Cargo in Fairbanks. 


  • We require a 50% non-refundable down payment on the date of booking.

  • The other 50% must be paid by August 1st of the year of your hunt

  • There is a 3.4% processing fee that is charged by Square. This will be added to every CC payment.


Contact Information:

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