[] We provide a drop camp kit that we feel is sufficient for a week in the field. The basic camp pack can accommodate up to 6 people. **at this time we only rent to clients of Deadhorse Outfitters**

[] Basic Camp pack is $500 

[] Reserving your drop camp kit through us ensures that you don't have to pick anything up in Fairbanks. We ensure that your drop camp kit is available in Prudhoe Bay or Coldfoot for your hunt with Deadhorse Outfitters. 

[] If you would like to rent your drop camp gear please complete the form below and we will reach out to you. 

[] Only one form is needed per hunting party

[] If you have any questions please reach out to us by email dhorentals@gmail.com

Basic Camp Pack


  • Six-man outfitter tent (1 tent per 3 People).

  • Cot (1 per person in the hunting party)​

  • Forks, spoons, plates, cups (6ea)​

  • Cooking utensils (1 set)

  • Pots, pans (2ea)

  • Cutting board (1ea)

  • 12x16 tarp (1ea)

  • Buddy heater (1ea per tent)

  • Two burner camp cookstove (1ea)

  • 20lb propane tank (1ea per tent & 1 for the cook stove)

  • Coffee pot (1ea)

  • Hand towels (1ea)

  • Small folding table (1ea)

  • Small camping chairs/stools (1 per person in hunting party)

  • Large trash bags (2ea)

  • Five-gallon water jug (1ea)

  • Lighter (1ea)

  • Toilet paper (2 Rolls)

  • Small container dish soap (1ea)

  • Dish tub with cleaning brush (1ea)

  • E-Tool (1ea)

  • Camp light (1ea)


  • Extra tent (just the tent)_$150

  • Extra Heater w/20lb propane tank _ $100

  • Jet boil fuel_$10per canister

  • Extra propane tank_$25 per tank