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Deadhorse OUtfitters LLC

caribou price list breakdown

[] Hunt Transportation:

  • Non-Resident: $3,600 per person 

  • Instate Resident: $2,800 per person 

[] Drop camp equipment

  • Depends on whom you rent your gear from, what gear you rent, or if you bring your own

  • $500 if renting from DHO Rentals

[] License and tags: Required

  • Hunting License (all game) $160

  • Caribou Tag $650

[] License and tags: Not Required

  • Fishing License $45 for 7 days (strongly recommended)

  • Wolf: $60

  • Wolverine: $350

[] Lodging:

  • Brooks Camp: $185 per - $210 night (you will need one night prior to your hunt and one night after your hunt) 

[] Shipping of Meat and Mount:

  • Meat shipment is around $1.50 per LB (Prices Vary)

  • Mount and hide prices vary depending on size and how you ship 

  • The total cost of shipping: Plan for around $600 for all

[] Flight to Prudhoe Bay Alaska:

  • $1,000-$1,600 (Prices are guesstimated and will vary depending on  where you fly from the time of booking and dates of flights)

**NOTE** We have provided a cost breakdown for your convenience. Please understand that the prices listed are not set in stone except for the hunt transportation cost and the drop camp cost. It is your responsibility to research the cost of license and tags, Lodging, flights, and shipping.

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