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  • What does the $3,600 Cover?"
    Your $3,600 is a transporter fee The details of that are as follows: - We pick you up in Prudhoe Bay Alaska at Brooks Camp. - We transport you to the boat launch where you load your equipment onto the boat for transportation. - We transport you to a drop camp location on either the Ivishack or Echooka river systems - We pick you back up and get you back to boat launch then Prudhoe Bay - We assist you in Prudhoe Bay with shipping and get you back to Brooks Camp
  • Will You Move us if we are not seeing Caribou or upon request
    No we will not Caribou are a migratory animal, unfortunately there are times that you will not see caribou. We used to offer 1 move during the hunt but Unfortunatly unrealistic and needy hunters ruined that.
  • What is your success rate on Caribou and Moose hunts?
    We average a 75% - 80% success rate on our Caribou hunts. We average a 15% success rate on our Moose hunts. This hunt is an antler restricted hunt for non-resident hunters. (50" or 4 brow tine minimum)
  • Is there a weight Limit?
    Yes, There is a 70lb weight limit for your drybag and frame pack (combined). Dry bag is to be no bigger than 120L and if possible please have your frame pack inside your dry bag. There is also a 70lb weight limit for the cooler that is going into camp (if you bring one). Your weight limit does not include what you are wearing when you step onto the boat or what you are carrying in hand (i.e. your rifle)
  • Can I add a tent to our drop Camp?
    Yes, You have to coordinate through DHO Rentals for anything regarding camp rental. You can email them at dhorentals@gmail.com
  • What about Bears?
    You will see bears brown bears while you are in the field. Give them the space they deserve and you should have no problems. We have had two instances since being in business where bears have stolen meat from meat poles at camps. Other than that we have had no issues with bears. PLEASE NOTE: Just because bears have not been an issue in the past does not mean that they can not become one. Please educate yourself on Grizzly Bear and understand how to react if you should walk up on one or be approached.
  • Are the tags draw tags or over the counter?
    All tags are over the counter and can be obtained on Alaska Department of Fish and Game Website
  • How do I book my hunt
    Look for the tab on our website "Book Your Alaska Adventure" this will take you to the page that is needed to be filled out and sent. Please ensure that you double check the calendar to ensure the dates you want are open. **Note each "OPEN" on the calendar is a person not a party. Once you have completed that form it is emailed to us. We take that information add you to the calendar and build your invoices. We will email you to let you know that we have received your hunt form and to let you know that your invoice has been sent.
  • If I harvest a Caribou early will you pick up my meat early?
    No, You need to be prepared to manage meat care while you are on the ground. We recommend that you contact an Alaska taxidermist to discuss meat care and velvet care.
  • Should I rent or buy a satelite phone?
    No, We do not use Satelite phones we use Garmin InReach to communicate. We ask that you buy or rent an InReach that will ensure that you can communicate with us. Even though some Satelite phones can text message not all will connect and communicate with InReach. If you do arrive without a Sat phone and no inreach you will not be able to communicate with us in the feild.
  • Do I need a permit to carry a sidearm?
    No you do not and we do recommend that you have a sidearm while you hunt. Though bears have never been an issue it does not mean its not a possiblilty.
  • What Airport do I fly into?
    For Caribou you will fly into Prudhoe Bay Alaska For Moose you will fly into Fairbanks Alaska and then fly with wright air service into Coldfoot
  • Can I harvest Ptarmigan?
    Sure! It is Ptarmigan season up here 10 August - 15 June, and they are generally everywhere. But, we should warn you that shooting at the birds will likely scare away the caribou. Soooooo… it’s up to you – after all, caribou are the main reason for your visit and we don’t want you to come away with just a handful of feathers and no antlers! Or, bear the scorn of your fellow hunters for scaring the game away.
  • How do I transport my rifle?
    You will want to bring your rifles in hard cases on the airlines to and from Prudehoe Bay or Cold Foot. However, when you get to our Boat Launch, you will be required to remove them from the hard cases and put them in your soft cases in an effort to save room on the airboat. HARD CASES WILL NOT BE LOADED ON THE BOAT TO GO OUT IN THE FIELD – BE SURE YOU BRING A SOFT CASE WITH YOU IN YOUR GEAR! The hard cases and any items you bring with you that you won’t need in the field can remain in our locked storage containers until you return from your hunt. We always like to make sure our hunters know this – as someone ALWAYS shows up and forgets to bring their soft case with them. Most hunters don’t want to travel with their rifles exposed, but space is tight – especially on the way back – and the hard cases just won’t fit.
  • Do you offer fly in hunts?
    No we do not We transport by Airboat only
  • Can I link Global Rescue with my InReach SOS
    Yes you can, When you set up your emergency contacts on your Inreach put Global Rescue number (+16174594200) in as one of your emergency contacts with a note that you have rescue insurance through Global Rescue. Your SOS Button is monitored by GEOS if something should happen that you have to hit your SOS button GEOS Reaches out to your emergency contacts and stays in touch with them through the whole event. We have been told by GEOS and Global rescue that once that contact is made GEOS will hand over all coordinations to Global Rescue and Globel rescue will message you back and coordinate all needed Medical Evacuation assests if need. Please Keep in mind we have not tested this but we do know that even if the hand off does not happen GEOS will ensure you are taken care of.
  • If I don't rent a drop camp and bring my own what is my weight limit?
    Our drop camp weighs around 100-125lbs total weight for a camp set up for 6. I you bring your own drop camp equipment you will need to stay 125lbs or below.
  • Can I stay longer than 8 days?
    No, Our scheduled hunts are 8 days long and we have other clients coming in.
  • When is the best time to hunt?
    There is really no best time to hunt, we see Caribou movment througout the entire month of August through September. Sometimes depending on the weather the 1st week of August may be a little slow but that is not always the case. The biggest difference between early season and late season is below: - Early season: 1st of August though around the 20th of August - Warmer weather - More daylight - More bugs - Caribou are in Velvet - Late Season: 20th of August through 15 Sep - Colder weather (freezing temperatures at night) - Less daylight - Less bugs do to freezing weather at night - Caribou start coming out of velvet the last week of August
  • Do you drop us off in front of the herd?
    There is no in front of the herd really, The Caribou migrate South through the months of July, August, September, and October to their breeding grounds in the Brooks Range. They do not move as one unit so there are roughly 38,000 Caribou moving South. We do hoever put you in their migration path so Caribou will be moving though your drop camp location.
  • What is your maximum number or minimum number of people you will transport?
    6 is the maximum number we can transport on the boat so with that said that is the largest hunting party we will transport to the field. For Caribou our minimum is 1 (Solo) unlike some Outfitters we will transport Solo hunters to the field. For Moose our minimum is 2 hunters, Maximum stays the same as above
  • Will I see other people?
    the upfront answer to this is YES you will see other people. There are a few reasons for this. #1: You are hunting public land other hunters will bring their own boats and go up river to hunt. we see this with residents and non-residents. typically hunters are courteous and stay out of your way and out of range but there are times where they are not. Over the past couple of years (2022-2023 seasons) we have seen a significant increase in people since the state has shut down so much federal land for Caribou hunting. Hopefully this levels out but plan to see people. #2: You and your hunting party are not the only hunting party we have on the ground and with the area being so large and open you will see other camps through your spotting scope and bino's. With that said we place camps 2-4 miles apart so though you can see them you are not close to them at all. #3: There are other outfitters, though we do our best to communicate with them we are it doesn't always work out.
  • Does my hunting party have to drive to the boat launch?
    No, Unless you want to drive to us from Fairbanks you are not required to. We will pick you up in Prudhoe Bay and get you to the boat launch.
  • Can I bring a pack raft to cross the river?
    Yes you can but the pack raft you bring is a part of your 70Lbs per person. If you are going to bring a raft we strongly suggest you are skilled with it. Keep in mind that the river can raise as much as seven - eight feet in a matter of a few hours. Crossing a river that is running that fast and that is that high can be extremely dangerous and require a lot of skill.
  • Can I wade across the river if I bring waders?
    There are some spots that you can wade across the river. We highly advise against crossing the river and hunting for the day. The water levels on both the Ivishak and the Echooka river can fluctuate daily depending on the weather. You may cross the river to hunt in the morning and not be able to get back to camp in the evening. We will not come get you if you are stuck on the other side of the river.
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