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Your meet and mount will be shipped through Alaska Air Cargo. We will get you to Alaska Air Cargo before we drop you back off at Brooks Camp. Things you need to know about shipping your animal are below.

[] We can not debone your animal for you. This must be done either in the field or at the boat launch before going into Prudhoe Bay. We do not recommend deboning your animal until the morning of your scheduled pick-up if doing it in the field. 

[] We will not cape your animal. Please know how to do this before coming to Alaska. If you are going to cape your animal please do this in the field. do not wait to get back to the boat launch there is not enough time for that. 

[] You can buy your packing material from us for $40 per Caribou or you can get them from Alaska Air Cargo. Be advised that Alaska Air Cargo may not have everything you need. 

[] If you get your materials from us you will pack your animal at the boat launch. We are not responsible for the packing of your animal. We may assist if we have time to ensure the process goes quickly. 


[] Shipping box:

  • All meat items must be encased in heavy-duty polyethylene bags.

  • In leakproof boxes or coolers (not Styrofoam or dry bags).

  • Free of odors emitting from the product.

  • No products in plastic bags only

  • All exterior surfaces must be clean of blood and dirt.

  • Name/address/phone, fish and wildlife, cool, frozen stickers.

[] Antler and Skull:

  • No blood must be cleaned and wrapped.

  • Cover tips with padding (nothing pocking through)



[] Taking your harvest under the plane instead of shipping:

  • All rules above for Air cargo still apply.

  • Bags must be processed on your day of travel no later than 40 min before departure.

  • All items must be ready to be checked in upon arrival at the airport.

  • Bag fee’s (1st $30, 2nd $40, 3rd $150, 4th $150)

  • Overweight bags (50-100lbs) additional $100 each

  • - Oversize bags (L+W+H=63-115’) additional $150

[] Overnight freezer storage:

  • Carlile next door to the Airport may have space ($40 per pallet per day). Cash only 907-659-2398

  • Aircargo may have freezer space attached to the airport.

  • Brooks camp may have freezer space.

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